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Company profile

Our Business

  • Consulting for policy and regulation
  • Business management consulting
  • Consulting for public organizations, various associations
  • Management development and introducing executive personal
  • Support services for venture business companies, and those companies’ IPOs, etc.
  • Rights preservation business of various intangible property rights such as industrial rights and copyrights
Company Information
Company name Ichiryu Associates, Inc.
URL https://www.ichiryu.org
Founded July 7, 2000
Capital 30 million yen
Directors President&CEO

Yoshio Ichiryu

(The anchor of TV program,’Nippon no Mirai'(BS TV TOKYO)

The chairman of Ichiryu-Juku

Former Director-General for Policy Coordination, MITI)


Tamotsu Iwasaki

Director (Outside Director)

Dai Ichiryu

(Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan)


Kanenori Oshikiri

(Attorney at Law, Shiroyama Sogo Law Office)

Hideaki Mihara

(Certified Public Accountant, Mihara Accounting Firm)

Managers Counselor

Masahiro Koizumi

Chief Planning Manager

Ooki Akira

Chief Operations Manager

Hideki Uchida

“Ichiryu-Juku” Administrative Manager

Kayoko Yoshimura