Business introduction

Business consulting

We’re engaged in comprehensive consulting to offer dynamic solutions for effective strategic reform in all area of business, organically utilizing our “intelligent information network”.

Consulting for Policy and regulation

We advise our client the action based on the analysis of economic planning and the regulation of the government.

Management development and introducing executive personal

Excellence Academy ”Ichiryu-Juku” develops the management skills of entrepreneurs, successors and directors of various type of companies who will lead the next generation.

The “Ichiryu-juku” was Opend in May 2008 with the aim of providing opportunities to cultivate the “Human Power” required to lead the organization as a leader, the “Public spirit” that should be kept in mind as corporate citizens with social responsibility, the “Ability to perform overall optimization” that is not confused by short-sighted profits and losses, the “Global perspective” required to compete with global players in the world, and “多長本動(Ta- Chou-Pon-Dou)” -(多(Ta):multifaceted, 長(Chou):long-term, 本(Pon):essential, 動(Dou):dynamic)-viewpoints and ways of thinking.

We introduce executives of large companies, public institutions, accounting firms and law firms to the customer as the director.

In order to make Japan respected by the world Japan where the younger

generation hopes for the future,we have a “duty for the future” to nurture young leaders who will lead the next generation.


We support the venture business and local governments to contribute broadly to the revitalization of the Japanese economy.