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Leadership-Capable Management

Globalization, the IT revolution, structural reform, deregulation, – these are some of the forces blowing across Japan like a gale.
We are discovering that conventional solutions no longer work.

For some, turmoil and transition are an unhappy ordeal. Others welcome the dynamic opportunities that change creates. In our experience, successful management is defined by a positive attitude for change and its challengers.

Established companies as well as entrepreneurs and new ventures are now looking for strategic opportunities in the changing environment in Japan.Ichiryu Associates, Inc. provides a full spectrum of consulting services both to established companies and to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Emphasizing the key values of “determination”, “passion” and “trust”, we offer an information network and management skills of experienced professionals representing a variety of career paths, disciplines and backgrounds.

Our mission is aiming to increase the competitiveness of Japanese companies and to contribute broadly to the revitalization of the Japanese economy.

Ichiryu Associates, Inc. itself is a new venture heading into uncharted waters. We are working within a community of trusted friends with whom we share a commitment to make a contribution to society.