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Registered Partners Network

Widening our Personal Network

Our intelligent information network is comprised of professionals and experts who are the top of the relevant fields in Japan. The network consists of an advisory board and special consulting group as well as Registered Partners Network. Network Partners maintain the highest standards of the professionalism, working collaboratively on specific projects.


Occupation(former occupation)

Specialized Field

Ichiro Asahina

Occupation(former occupation)

President & CEO, Aoyama Shachu Corporation ; Visiting Professor, Graduate school of Chuo University ; Chairman of the boards of directors, NPO Chiikikarakuniwokaerukai

Specialized Field

Consulting for politics and administration to realize policies

with these research and evaluation

Lecture on leadership and public policies

Support on regulation development, venture business, talent development, global business expansion, and general policies for regional activation

Tomohito Ebine

Occupation(former occupation)

Chairman, Legend Partners Ltd.

Professor, Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School

(Former Chairman of OPT, Inc.)

Specialized Field

Web marketing, Consulting for management and business planning

William Hiroyuki Saito

Occupation(former occupation)

President & CEO, Intecur K.K.

Specialized Field

Information and network security (cybersecurity), Digital innovation strategy and transformation International business strategy

Katsunori Sugimoto

Occupation(former occupation)

President,Sugimoto Patent Office

Chairman, Political Federation Of JPA

Visiting Professor,Kyoto Institute Of Technology

Advisor, Wakayama University

Specialized Field

Consulting for IP(intellectual property)

Yoshinori Nire

Occupation(former occupation)

President, Nire Consulting Co.

(Former LPG Manager, Exxon group in Japan)

Specialized Field

Consulting for improving company’s achievement by restructuring.

Noriaki Hashimoto

Occupation(former occupation)

President, Interoptic Inc.

Instructor, Waseda University

Instructor, Musashino Art University

Specialized Field

IT risk management

IT Analyst, Journalist

Shunsuke Yamaguchi

Occupation(former occupation)

Entrepreneur, Kahorido Ltd.

Editorial Advisor, monthly magazine “ENTRE”,

published by Recruit Co.,Ltd.

Visiting Professor, Fuculty of Business Administration,Ritsumeikan University

Specialized Field

Feasibility & industrialized study for medium & small-sized enterprises and venture companies. Back up for sales promotion